Jumla Sign Language “Sign Language Kit (SLK)” is a service to be used by developers to make websites accessible for Deaf users through the signing avatar “BuHamad” developed by Mada Center, Qatar.
The Plugin can work on any updates supporting JavaScript. Below an overview of the innovation embedded on the website:

Jumla WebPlayer

Jumla Sign Language SLK is designed to help developers to add signing avatars into their websites without need to develop it from the scratch. The Service is designed to guarantee high availability (using cloud servers) and extendibility of each component. We adopted 5 tier architecture organized as following:

  • Website Server: The web server that contains the main website which includes the avatar.
  • Mada SLK Server: The Server that provides the sign language toolkit proposed by Mada. The toolkit allows developers to integrate the avatar player into their websites as described on the next section.
  • Mada Real Time SL Streamer: Once moving cursor over a paragraph, a dedicated script on SLK automatically generates a request to start receiving sign language animation as a compressed binary stream.
  • Signs Database Server: A server containing the SL animations database (Words + Annotated Sentences)
  • Mada SLMT Server: The Deep Learning Machine translation used to translate Arabic text to ArSL.