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Arabic Sign Language Framework

As well as all spoken languages, Sign Languages SL have a structured grammar and syntax. Despite that it was visual, multi-dimensional and mainly based on gestures, SL follows specifics grammatical rules. Consequently, the automatic generation of sign language should follow these rules. It’s for this reason that Mada works on the development of a new framework that aims to support researchers and developers to create new innovant tools for deaf. The objective is essentially to create tools that enhance the development of software using grammatically validated sentences.

Main Features

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Arabic Sign Language dictionary

The largest Arabic Sign Language dictionary. It contains more than 1000 most frequently used words on Arabic.

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SDK for Arabic Sign Language translation

A easy of use software development kit that allows developers to embed a 3D signing avatar to their websites and applications.

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Online machine SL Machine translation

A web-based interface for translating Arabic and English text to Arabic Sign Language.